CBS’s David Martin breaks story of SEALs disciplined

by Jonathan Soroko on November 9, 2012

in Connecting the Dots, information security

This story has now made it around the web and print media, See Navy SEALs punished for revealing secrets to video game designers Robert Burns, AP Correspondent, published  at the Christian Science Monitor’s website, Burns credits David Martin, CBS News National Security Correspondent, for breaking the story.  Our reading is that Mr. Martin broke the story in two pieces, 7 Navy SEALs disciplined for role with video game and  SEALs disciplined for role in “Medal of Honor” video game video.

It’s hard to imagine 7 active-duty SEALs giving away important tactical details. Indeed, Noam Cohen, writing in the Times’ Media Decoder, notes that the  SEALs were cited for two violations: First, consulting on the video without prior permission,  and second, showing the game producers classified equipment carried by SEALs on missions. Since the second violation might have involved something as trivial as the rails system (which allows attaching flashlights, IR lights, UV lights, video equipment –  all manner of gear – to customized versions of standard rifles) – we suspect the more serious violation is the first – failing to  ask permission – and perhaps if permission had been asked, it would have been granted – with guidance about what could and could not be discussed.

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