Canada’s Oil Industry Going Up In Smoke

by L J Furman, MBA on May 8, 2016

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Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada. The tar sands boom is going down in flames; going up in smoke. The fire, which started May 1, 2016, has burned 156,000 hectares, which is 15.6 million acres, 602 square miles or 1,560 square kilometers.

As is evident in the image the flames are taller than the trees. 

These numbers are abstract. In comparison; Brooklyn, NY is 96.9 square miles and 251 km2. The fire is roughly the six times the size of Brooklyn. Or the size of six (actually 6.2) Brooklyns. The fire is 14.8 times larger than Paris. It’s roughly 2.6 times the size of San Francisco, 20% larger than LA, 30% larger than NYC.

At the time of this writing, it is slightly smaller than Greater London, which is 607 square miles or 1,572 square kilometers.

Ft McMurray Fire Compared to
Place Sq miles Sq km Fire is
The Fire 602.2 1,560.0
Central Park 1.3 3.4  461 x larger
Brooklyn 96.9 251.0 6.2 x larger
NYC 468.9 1,214.0 30% larger
LA 502.69 1,302.0 20% larger
San Fran 231.89 600.6 2.6 x larger
Rhode Island 1,212 3,140  50% larger
Greater London 606.95 1,572.0  same size
Paris 40.7 105.4 15 x larger
Table 1

And the fire is growing. According to The Globe and Mail, Canada, (here) and the CBC (here) the fire could double in size and may take months to extinguish.

This animation (courtesy RCI Net, Canada) shows it’s growth from Sunday, May 1 thru Thursday, May 4.


Canada’s oil industry may be going up in smoke.

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