Jonathan Soroko

After bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013, the FBI and the Boston Police tracked down the alleged terrorists, who in the course of their flight killed a cop at MIT, hijacked a Mercedes, fired and threw bombs at police, and tried to ram the police with the stolen car.

No IP address, no WiFi, works in a power failure, warns workers and drivers with a loud (124 db) signal:   SonoBlaster(R) Work Zone Intrusion Alarm – SonoBlaster® is an impact-activated safety device that warns work crews and errant vehicle drivers simultaneously to help prevent crashes and injuries in work zones. The NCHRP 350 accepted […]

Syrian Electronic Army successfully attacked the Associated Pres and other institutions, nearly crashing the stock market and exposing more vulnerabilities in our electronic networks.

Image following, courtesy United States Army, is of aftermath of a bus bombing in Iraq on 17 August, 2005, at about 0750 local time. John Hudson, writing at Foreign Policy, makes a strong case that calendar day (month/day) is not a useful predictor of jihadist attacks. From “How jihadists schedule terrorist attacks“: On Friday, the […]

FAA plan to terminate airport weather observers raises travel safety concerns – FAA plan to terminate airport weather observers raises travel safety concerns (WaPo)   Garry’s email   In the spirit of making Guv’mint less of a burden on its o’er taxed citizens, the FAA has opined that traffic controllers can look out the window […]

Frontline, the WGBH/PBS investigative news show, will air “Top Secret America” After the Boston Bombings tonight on PBS stations. Local station listings can be found here. Have the hundreds of billions of dollars spent since Sept. 11 on counterterrorism efforts in America made us safer? In response to the recent terrorist bombings in Boston, FRONTLINE […]

Image via EvWorld.Com: This ultralight and ultrasilent solar and battery powered plane flew over  San Francisco, 4/24/13. It previously flew for 26 hours straight, taking off from it’s home base in Payerne, Switzerland, Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 7:00 AM and landing Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 9:06 AM.

Russian authorities withheld information from the FBI while asking for FBI assistance. If this is what’s been allowed into the public record, it’s not a big leap to think that Russian authorities, perhaps not the most trustworthy parties on the international stage, know (and knew) even more: WASHINGTON AP — Russian authorities secretly recorded a […]

Using a mounted (stationary) bicycle to generate electricity has been around for some time, as has using bicycles to power bicycle accessories, particularly lights. A new technology enables charging various devices while still using a bicycle for transportation. If this can evolve into a reliable means for charging communications devices and, say, flashlights, we’d have […]

  Long ago, 2000, and far away, in Australia, a malevolent hacker targeted the sewerage system. Courtesy of the site AssembleIt.Net, excerpted from Australia’s Hacked History In April 2000 a man, Vitek Boden was arrested and charged with offences relating to the unlawful entry into Maroochy Shire Council’s sewerage system and environmental damage. His attack via […] has, using a mix of feeds and twitter posts from volunteers, created constantly updated maps, focused on several types of risk with a time-frame of the previous 24 hours. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s a good demonstration of what’s possible with crowdsourcing and aggregation. We’re not sure this could be comprehensive and complete without […]

Debategraph is a software tool with applications for addressing, defining and attacking many types of problems in many ways. Here’s one of their interactive maps on epidemiology: Who’s using it? Apparently the White House, CNN, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Office in the United Kingdom. A concept map explaining DebateGraph itself appears below.