In our last post, we wrote about how to compute the Gerrymander Index of shapes, including Congressional districts. Since then we’ve fetched the U. S. Census Bureau tl_2014_us_cd114 Esri shapefile data set of the 435 Congressional Districts for the current 114th Congress, which includes the nine non-voting districts that send delegates to Congress. If you […]

Suppose you had a piece of rope. Your aim is to encompass as much area as possible. The rope doesn’t stretch or shrink, nor break no matter how hard it’s pulled – it’s good rope. Could be made out of cytoplastic nanotubes or something. No matter if you measure your rope in inches, miles or […]

The Constitution tasks the House of Representatives with setting the number of U. S. citizens that its members may represent. The Apportionment Act of 1792 fixed the House of Representatives for the Third Congress at 105 members, one Representative for 33,000 constituents. The Census of 1790, first of its kind, found the young nation numbering […]

Behind Oz’s Curtain of ‘Law and Order’ By C.C. Reilly Bill Thompson: Schools not Prisons “The [$34 million] the city wants to spend on [the Brooklyn House of Detention design] contract would be better used as a means to reduce class sizes and build more schools.” NYC Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. November 19, 2009

Jon Soroko, co-founder of Popular Logistics, died in his sleep late Monday afternoon, May 13, 2013, at his home in Brooklyn, New York.

Debategraph is a software tool with applications for addressing, defining and attacking many types of problems in many ways. Here’s one of their interactive maps on epidemiology: Who’s using it? Apparently the White House, CNN, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Office in the United Kingdom. A concept map explaining DebateGraph itself appears below.

In “The World Will Not End & Other Predictions for 2012, here, I wrote: “Apple and IBM will continue to thrive. Microsoft will grow, slightly. Dell and HP will thrash. A share of Apple, which sold for $11 in December, 2001, and $380 in Dec. 2011, will sell for $480 in Dec. 2012.” (Mostly Correct, except […]

President Roosevelt created the Social Security Administration in 1935. President Johnson created Medicare in 1965. President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010. People say “Medicare and Social Security are broken. They need to be fixed.” Some say they should be eliminated, or turned into voucher programs. What are the facts? What does “Broken” […]

FEMA Links: CERT / Medical Reserve Corps / Ready.Gov / Veterans Red Cross Volunteer / Disaster Volunteer / Blood Drives

What does the Second Amendment mean in the context of the Aurora Massacre? Columbine? Virginia Tech? Rep. Giffords Town Meeting? The assassination attempt on President Reagan? The assassination attempts on President Ford? The assassinations of President John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr? And conditions in other countries, Syria? Iraq? Iran? “A well-regulated […]

“Not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” – Credit Union motto “The National Bank at a profit sells road maps for the soul to the old folks home and the college.” –   Bob Dylan, “Tombstone Blues” Back in 2010, over 9,000 credit unions in the United States had over $500 Billion in deposits. […]

When they think of cooperatives, Americans may think of hippies and brown rice, granola, and food co-ops like the Brattleboro Food Co-op, in Vermont, and the Flatbush Food Coop, in Brooklyn, New York. Israelis tend to think first of Kibbutzim and Moshavim, the collective farms of the early days of the Yishuv and the State […]

The Brooklyn Food Coalition presents the Brooklyn Food Conference, May 12, 2012, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It will be a day of Workshops, Expo, Youth Summit Policy Roundtable, Demos, Music, Art, Meetups – and good HEALTHY food. Where? Brooklyn Tech, 29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Admission is free.

The decision in Bush v Gore is widely regarded as a landmark mistake, both because the Supreme Court acted politically and because of President Bush’s accomplishments and legacy. While it is too recent for a historical consensus, and too political to be without controversy, virtually all liberals and progressives view the results of Bush v […]

We’ve got a few reasons for publishing this image: Kristarella, an outstanding web designer and software developer, is also a fabulous photographer, and we encourage you to check out her Photoblog for page after  page of images which will capture your curiousity, imagination and awe. But that’s not, strictly speaking, on-topic.  These reasons are: We’re […]