Atmospheric CO2 hit 400 PPM on Thursday, May 9, 2013, as measured at the Koana Loa observatory. This is an increase of 85 ppm, 26.98%, from 1960. This is why Bill McKibben, of, calls our planet Eaarth. It’s weather, climate, and ecology are different than the one those of us who are over 30 – […]

Tweet On Ayn Rand, Objectivism, and Climate Change Ayn  Rand would not “believe” in climate change.  She would try to objectively determine whether the theory correctly modeled the data. While it is legitimate to question both the conclusions of scientists and the methodologies by which data are gathered, denying objective validity of the data, which […]

Conferences – In New Bedford, Mass, the Marion Institute presents Bioneers by the Bay. Van Jones delivered the keynote. I was there last year. It was great. In Washington, DC, The Green Festival. A friend of mine from the Pentagon will be there. In Long Branch, NJ, The Social Venture Network Fall Invitational.  Ralph Meima, […]

The Combined Cycle Power Plant, “Kombikraftwerk” can harness wind, sunlight, water, and biofuels to meet ALL Germany’s electric power needs, 365 days per year, regardless of weather conditions.  And if it “werks” in Germany, it will work here. Professor Jurgen Schmid and his colleagues at the Institute for Solar Energy Supply Systems of the University of […]

In 100 years our descendants will not be burning coal, oil, natural gas or using nuclear fission.  They might be using terrestrial nuclear fusion.  They will be using solar, wind, geothermal, marine current hydro, tidal energy systems – clean, renewable, sustainable energy systems. No fuel: No Waste. No mines, mills, wells, spills. No arsenic, lead, […]

The “Seven Seas” are really one big interconnected ocean. While many people may have been unconscious of this fact, we, meaning humanity, have known this since 1522, when, led by Juan Sebastian Elcano, the 18 remaining members of Ferdinand Magellan’s 237 man crew completed the circumnavigation of the earth, begun in 1519.  This lesson has […]