Tweet   While it ain’t over till it’s over, 2011 is over. A lot that could have happened, didn’t.  Obama didn’t resign, Donald Trump didn’t throw his hat into the ring or divorce his current wife and marry one or more Kardashians.  Newt Gingrich threw his hat into the ring, but also didn’t divorce his […]

Jessica Dailey, writing at Inhabitat, notes the United States’ largest net-zero school, Lady Bird Johnson Middle School, in Texas: Texas is known for the Alamo, spicy Tex-Mex food, big Stetson hats, and now it also has the nation’s largest net-zero public school. Welcoming its first students this past fall, the Lady Bird Johnson Middle School […]

Let us remember the Blue Marble. There would be no food – and no life – without sunlight and clean water. The whales, and the dolphins, the deer and the polar bear, are our cousins. Let us return to the UN on March 20, May 9, June 20, September 3, and December 21 with delegations […]

The Jewish celebration of Chanukah, the “Festival of Lights,” commemorates the successful struggle for freedom and independence of Israel from the Selucid Greeks,  about 2200 years ago.  At the conclusion of this war, the Macabees purified The Temple in Jerusalem and sought to relight their “Eternal Lamp.” They only had enough oil for one day. […]

  Here are my top 10 predictions for 2012. These are less readings of the tea leaves or the entrails of goats and chickens and more simple extrapolations of patterns in progress. Altho that may be the way effective oracles. They just masked their observations with hocus pocus, mumbo-jumbo, and guts. This list runs a […]

Does “Moore’s Law” hold for Solar Power? In New Jersey, between 2001 and 2010, we went from a total of six systems with a combined capacity of 9.0 KW to about 7000 systems with a combined capacity of 211,000 KW or 211 MW. This is illustrated below. This is the “hockey stick” curve of exponential […]

Tom Friedman writes that we may be able to harness nuclear fusion in 10 years. Until then we need to use solar and wind, and stop believing that we can clean up coal.

World’s first buildling-integrated wind turbines – in, of all places, Bahrain. This post via Our enthusiasm about wind-powered energy generally is tempered by our experience as New  York City residents. It’s our understanding that the City has yet to approve a single application for wind-powered generation – because of concerns about noise. We’ve  yet […]