One day, back in 2009, while driving my ’99 Chevy Malibu home from classes in Marleboro College’s MBA in Managing for Sustainability, I set a target for my next car that it would get over 45 Miles Per Gallon. That basically means a hybrid like the Ford CMax (Edmunds / Ford) pictured above or one […]

Back in October, 2007, I wrote about the Toyota Prius and the GM Hummer in Prius v Hummer, the Battle for the Streets and the Prius v Hummer, the Battle for the Brains. (Spoiler alert – the Prius won). Now I’m thinking about Ford Motor Company. A few years back their tag line was “Ford […]

General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GRM) announced Tuesday, August 11, 2009 that the Chevrolet Volt, to be available as a 2011 model in 2010, is expected to achieve city fuel economy of 230 miles per gallon (Press Release, Official Site – GM-Volt.com). The Volt is powered by an electric motor and battery pack with a 40-mile […]

West Lake Hills, Texas “first community in Texas to add a hybrid vehicle to its police patrol fleet. Although other law enforcement agencies in Texas use hybrid vehicles for administrative purposes, the City’s new Toyota Highlander SUV will be the first police vehicle to be used on daily traffic patrols. The pilot program was initiated […]

: the NYPD has purchased 40 Nissan Hybrids¬† – 22 to be used unmarked, 18 as marked blue-and-white “RMPs” (internal terminology for “Radio Motor Patrol [vehicles]). If it takes – it’ll be significant – but we don’t have the numbers at hand. Cross-posted on Caton Avenue.

RMI and Bright Automotive designed and will produce a 100 mpg plug-in-hybrid cargo van.

Following General Motors announcement of the Volt, Ford Motor Company has just announced two new hybrids for 2010: (Only 7 years after the first Priuses hit the streets!) The Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Mercury Milan Hybird.  They will get 39 to 47 mpg, better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid and can operate in battery […]