Chris Christie

Chris Christie is like Iwazaru, the monkey who cannot speak. As reported by Christopher Baxter, in the Star Ledger, in 2011, here,  while he vetoed a bill, S2996, that would have required New Jersey to work with other states to limit the greenhouse gases that scientists say are changing the climate, Gov. Christie said, “climate […]

In “The World Will Not End and Other Predictions for 2012,” I developed a set of predictions for 2012, the accuracy of which were described by me in 2012 Revisited. Here are my predictions for 2013. As noted last year, I am extrapolating from patterns that I see – also known as reading tea leaves. […]

In the 54 years between 1957, when the Price Anderson Act was passed, and 2011 we have: Experienced four melt-downs and one partial melt-down at nuclear power plants, An increasing amount of radioactive waste that we really don’t know how to deal with, but must manage for hundreds of years – or thousands.   Security Concerns. […]