In the spring of this year, the news media reported floods in Texas, Oklahoma, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine,¬†Australia¬†and elsewhere. 9 US soldiers were lost in floods around Fort Hood in Texas. Other Americans have died in the flooding in Oklahoma. The Louve and Orsay museums in Paris are closed and moving priceless art to […]

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society reports as follows on the current floods in Pakistan: Period covered by this update: 21st July to 10th August, 2010 PRCS along with its Movement Partners (IFRC and ICRC) and Partner National Societies (PNSs) is jointly responding to the Monsoon Floods 2010. CHF 250,000 (USD 239,406 or EUR 183,589) has […]

NOAA image of the day. ;;; For further information: Colombia floods (as of 9th March 2009). Source: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; ReliefWeb reporting on Colombian floods as of March 2009.

Thanks to Futurismic for their post – The Mosquitoes Are Coming! reports Futurismic, based in Wisconsin, where the record rainfalls over the past month have become something of a concern. The biggest water-related concern Southeast Wisconsin – Milwaukee in specific – has had in the last 20 years is the cryptosporidium scare we had in […]