Deepwater Drilling Offshore of the US yields oil at $57 per barrel (see note 1) and, according to Forbes, the Break-Even price is $65 per barrel. It makes no sense to drill deepwater wells offshore of the US with WTI crude oil under $35 per barrel And given that the costs to produce a barrel of […]

Tweet   While it ain’t over till it’s over, 2011 is over. A lot that could have happened, didn’t.  Obama didn’t resign, Donald Trump didn’t throw his hat into the ring or divorce his current wife and marry one or more Kardashians.  Newt Gingrich threw his hat into the ring, but also didn’t divorce his […]

Via BBC News: The BBC has conducted an investigation which demonstrated that Iraq purchased bomb detection devices in which the component purported to detect trace amounts of TNT was, in fact, “nothing but the type of anti-theft tag used to prevent stealing in high street stores.” Iraqi Interior ministry still backing ‘bomb detector’ According to […]

KBR, through negligence, kills Americans in Iraq. Why is an oil services company supporting military operation?

James Risen reports in the Times of July 18th (Electrical Risks at Iraq Bases Are Worse Than Said)  that Shoddy electrical work by private contractors on United States military bases in Iraq is widespread and dangerous, causing more deaths and injuries from fires and shocks than the Pentagon has acknowledged, according to internal Army documents. […]

The New York Times published three articles in one day about fiscal impropriety, abuse of power, or incompetence of the Bush Administration. On the front page, James Risen writes “Army Overseer Tells of Ouster Over KBR Stir.” Charles Smith says he was fired from his job with the Army for refusing to approve paying more […]

The Post World War II G.I. Bill paid 100% of tuition for veterans. Plus other benefits. Now it maxes out at $800 month. As U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Chuck argued in “A Post-Iraq G.I. Bill,”The New York Times, November 8, 2007: “[i]t is hardly enough to allow a veteran to attend man community colleges. […]

Wikileaks has a report, “U.S. Military Equipment in Iraq (2007),” based on leaked documents, outlining the array and cost of equipment held by United States forces in Iraq: [photopress:M33A1_500_x_193_via_Wikileaks.jpg,full,pp_image]   Important points (on our first reading) include: Chemical and biological weapons portable facilities The United States has been caught with at least 2,386 low-grade chemical […]

In mid-2003, the World Health organization reported on cholera in Iraq: rom 28 April to 4 June 2003, a total of 73 laboratory-confirmed cholera cases have been reported in Iraq : 68 in Basra governorate, 4 in Missan governorate, 1 in Muthana governorate. No deaths have been reported. From 17 May to 4 June 2003, […]

From Alissa J. Rubin’s piece in this morning’s Times,Suicide Bomber on Bike Kills 29 Iraqi Policemen Police training in the provincial capital of Baquba turned into a blood bath on Monday when a suicide bomber on a bicycle set off his explosive vest in the midst of policemen, killing 29, the local police said. A […]