Monday, Sept. 17, was the First Anniversary of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests. The protesters at Occupy are/were demonstrating against the current economic system and to make “Fracking” illegal.  (See “Stop Spectra: Resist Fracking in NYC” or “City Limits, Occupy Wall Street, Opposes Fracking“) Energy Policy and Economics … the intersection of energy and economics […]

    Tweet  It sounds too good to be true: *   100 gigawatts of offshore wind, $300 Billion, *   100 gw of landbased wind, $200 Billion, *   75 gw of solar, $300 Billion, *   75 gw of geothermal, $200 Billion. *   200 gigawatt equivalents of efficiency – $200 Billion. *   100 & Clean, Renewable, Sustaianble […]

Tweet On Ayn Rand, Objectivism, and Climate Change Ayn  Rand would not “believe” in climate change.  She would try to objectively determine whether the theory correctly modeled the data. While it is legitimate to question both the conclusions of scientists and the methodologies by which data are gathered, denying objective validity of the data, which […]

Methane from sewage used for energy – while currently in use and much under discussion as a green (or greener) technology in fact is an early 20th century technology developed by the Scottish civil engineer John Duncan Watson.