New Jersey

Chris Christie is like Iwazaru, the monkey who cannot speak. As reported by Christopher Baxter, in the Star Ledger, in 2011, here,  while he vetoed a bill, S2996, that would have required New Jersey to work with other states to limit the greenhouse gases that scientists say are changing the climate, Gov. Christie said, “climate […]

Popular Logistics is a Policy Blog, not a Politics Blog. However, as Deborah Stone wrote in “The Policy Paradox,” ISBN 0393-976-254, In order to make policy you need to win at politics. Chris Christie, left, who is good at politics, seems to have made several serious policy blunders during his first term as Governor of […]

Tiger Woods may be a great golfer. But I wouldn’t buy a mortgage from him. Here’s why. (click to stream audio) Economics II: Macroeconomics and Political Economy The way for the government to stimulate the economy and to avoid or climb out of a Depression, as John Maynard Keynes wrote, and as President Franklin Delano […]

Belmar, New Jersey has just graduated its first CERT class, and has started to recruit a second. Belmar, sensibly, takes an approach that makes it easy for participants to complete the one night per week/eight week program, apparently also providing gear rather than making new volunteers find their own (and, alas, often get fleeced in […]

There are magic numbers in New Jersey: $450, $550, $771, $150 and $600. In Jersey you can produce a widget that would cost you $150 to buy, use or sell the widget, and then sell it again for $450 to $550 – that is sell it for $600 or $700. The question is, how much […]