In “The World Will Not End and Other Predictions for 2012,” I developed a set of predictions for 2012, the accuracy of which were described by me in 2012 Revisited. Here are my predictions for 2013. As noted last year, I am extrapolating from patterns that I see – also known as reading tea leaves. […]

The America that inspires people all over the world is the America of Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Ben Afleck’s “Argo.” It is a place where people can rise from humble origins to run companies or become President. It is the country of Carnegie, Ford, and Edison, of Warren Buffet, Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard, […]

Question: What do you call a “Peace Activist” with a dagger? Answer: A supporter of the Palestinians. Popular Logistics joins Camera,  YNet, Fox News, and the NY Post in documenting  Reuter’s “Fauxtography”, or propaganda by doctoring photos. To look at the Israeli blockade of Gaza and not ask: Why exactly is Israel blockading Gaza? What […]

We would like to see a bilateral cease fire between Israel and the Palestinians. We feel the factories in Gaza would better serve the people of Gaza by building solar panels or wind turbines rather than Kassam rockets.