renewable energy

“To Make Fracturing Safer,” editorial, in May 11, 2012, begins “Gas … is cleaner than coal” and concludes “Oil and and gas drilling will always be a risky business; the administration cannot let pass this opportunity to make it safer.” Clean and Green within 18 is the opportunity the Administration should not let pass. We […]

First conclusion of a series that began after Earth Day and includes Fossil Fuels and a Walk on the Moon, Drill Baby Drill or Drill Baby Oops, Magnitude, Part 1, One Month After, The Chernobyl of Fossil Fuel?, and Magnitude, Part 2. ) As I wrote on Earth Day, “In 100 years our descendants will […]

Liz Borkowski at the Pump Handle has a few thoughtful words to say about T. Boone Pickens’ Texas wind project – I didn’t know that his stated larger plan is to free up natural gas for electricity production. I’d add only that – whatever the plan is, building wind capacity to power a few million […]