Social Security

Identity thieves want Social Security numbers matched with names, addresses and birthdays. And they have them. By the Millions! On 90 Million Americans! Possibly 200 Million! They used Experian to get information on 15 million T-Mobile customers – and threaten everyone in Experian’s databases. They stole information on 90 million people whos health insurance is […]

What should we do now? Strengthen the safety net. Reverse the Citizens United and Florence v Burlington rulings. Place reasonable restrictions on Second Amendment rights, asĀ  reasonable restrictions exist on First Amendment rights. And tax properties and income of religious institutions. Address Climate Change. Develop a Renewable & Sustainable Energy Infrastructure – Clean & Green […]

Social Security will be solvent until 2038. (Social Security Adminstration, Summary of 2012 Annual Reports). Social Security is completely funded by the Social Security Tax and the payouts add nothing to the deficit. Reducing Social Security benefits will not reduce the Federal deficit one cent. Social Security benefits are fully funded until 2038. However, there […]

President Roosevelt created the Social Security Administration in 1935. President Johnson created Medicare in 1965. President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010. People say “Medicare and Social Security are broken. They need to be fixed.” Some say they should be eliminated, or turned into voucher programs. What are the facts? What does “Broken” […]