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by Jon

L J Furman

L J Furman, MBA

On Popular Logistics we explore the long term national security and community security ramifications of energy, environmental, economic, emergency preparedness, and public health policy, and the interrelationships between the people, the companies and the various systems involved in implementing or holding back the paradigm shift to sustainable models.

Popular Logistics was created and is maintained by Jonathan Soroko and Lawrence J. Furman, with the assistance of Jenny Gage, and other persons named and not named.

While there are real people thinking about issues and events and publishing their thoughts and observations on the Popular Logistics website, Popular Logistics is in fact is an unincorporated entity. Popular Logistics is neither an artificial person, nor a real person. It is, as noted, simply a web-site. The unincorporated entity does not have the right to free speech. Were we to incorporate, it would become a nexus of formalized obligations. it still would have no rights. The persons who think, write, and use the site, do have the right to free speech.

If this is at odds with a recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States, it illustrates a principle explicit in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution – that all are created equal. A citizen may stand to correct the decision of another citizen, even if the citizens who stand to be corrected include several of the citizens who sit on the Supreme Court.


  • Jonathan Soroko at “Jonathan.Soroko ‘at’ G Mail.com”
  • Lawrence J. Furman, MBA, at area code 732 e 580 e 0024 lfurman 97 (at) GMail . com.

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