What should we do now? Strengthen the safety net. Reverse the Citizens United and Florence v Burlington rulings. Place reasonable restrictions on Second Amendment rights, asĀ  reasonable restrictions exist on First Amendment rights. And tax properties and income of religious institutions. Address Climate Change. Develop a Renewable & Sustainable Energy Infrastructure – Clean & Green […]

President Roosevelt created the Social Security Administration in 1935. President Johnson created Medicare in 1965. President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010. People say “Medicare and Social Security are broken. They need to be fixed.” Some say they should be eliminated, or turned into voucher programs. What are the facts? What does “Broken” […]

5% of hospital patients develop an infection. And the majority of those infections are acquired from the hands of Health Care Providers. Medicare pays 40% of the nation’s hospital bills. (This, in and of itself, is an argument for a single payer system – one single payer already pays 40% of hospital bills. And it’s […]